Büşra Uzun

Software Developer

About Me


I am Büşra from Istanbul-Turkey. I have 3 years of experience in software development. My specialty has been web-based applications, especially in the field of banking. I have a thorough understanding of the Java programming language, Spring Framework and Test Driven Development. Nowadays I am also interested in creating side projects.

Work Experience

Software Developer - Yapı Kredi Bank (05/2017 - Present)

At Credit Cards unit, I am currently developing softwares by using Java technologies.

Software Developer - Infonal (02/2016 - 04/2017)

At Credit Cards unit, I developed applications for Yapı Kredi Bank as development consultant by Using Java.

Software Developer - Garanti Technology (08/2014 - 02/2016)

I developed DASK (TCIP) web application, Eureko Insurance web application and Garanti Pension web application by using Java, Spring and Oracle.

Software Development Intern - Turkcell Technology (07/2013 - 09/2013)

I studied on concepts of bigdata and datawarehousing; then developed applications with Oracle PL/SQL and Perl.


Yapı Kredi Bank - One Direction Project (2016 - Present)

I am currently developing Yapı Kredi Bank Call Center backoffice screens from scratch with Java and Harmoni Framework for Credit Cards unit.

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TCIP Web Application (2014 - 2016)

I developed authenticated part and web services of TCIP application with Java and Spring.

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Garanti Pension Web Application (2014 - 2016)

I developed authenticated part of Garanti Pension web application written by Java and Spring.

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Eureko Insurance Web Application (2014 - 2016)

I developed Eureko Insurance web application written by Java and Maven framework.

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BeFit - Zinde Kal (2013 - 2014 Senior Project)

This mobile application is developed on Apache Cordova with HTML5. Users can scan barcode of a product in a market via our application, they can view content of the product. When they want to see a recommendation about that product, they can see how much this product meets a person' s daily food requirement. If they have allergy or diseases and that product includes one of these dangereous matters, application warns them not to eat that product. System is managed by seller and system manager. Web panel is developed under Maven roof with JavaServerFaces 2.1 and its front end is developed with Twitter Bootstrap. Mobile panel can communicate with database that is created by Hibernate technology. Communicated part' s web services are REST.

DBMS Project (09/2013)

I developed an application written by Perl that gets a string query, operates it as an SQL on a 100 MB file and gives results to the user.

Oracle PL/SQL Application (08/2013)

I developed an application on Toad for Oracle 10.6 which gets the queries which consumes the system most and sends these queries to managers in a table format by defined intervals and encrypts these tables by saving into a directory.


IBM Software Academy 2014 – Finalist (4.) (BeFit)

Yapı Kredi Bank FikriMobil Competition 2014 – Finalist (Honorable Mention - BeFit)

3rd Genç Beyinler Yeni Fikirler Competition – CEBIT Infromatics Eurasia - Award Certificate 2014 (BeFit)

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